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Supercross Is No Stranger To Lompoc’s Own.

Supercross Racing Brothers Adam and Tyler Enticknap test their skills against the World’s finest in the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross World Championship. Host this prestigious event was the City of Oakland on January 26th, 2019. As the Oakland Coliseum was filling up for the nights bar to bar high flying action. The Enticknap’s were starting the afternoon with a series of timed practices sessions to determine gate pick for one of the two 20 man heat races. Despite both Adam #97 and Tyler #723 coming of injuries from last year, they were both in prime condition and with all new race teams, excited and ready for the 2019 Supercross race season.

The Oakland round marks the 4th race in the series of 17 stops thru out the Nation. The preparation over the late summer and winter months are reflective of the solid qualifying performance for both Adam and younger Brother Tyler. Each notched their best overall qualifying results all year so far. Adam came in at 21st fastest, Tyler a 27th out of 50 total racers, each had found themselves in their best qualifying position to date. Both Brothers would square off in Heat 2, with newfound confidence. With engines revved out and as the gate dropped, they both shot off the metal starting pad for that all elusive holeshot to be the first racer to round the first corner. As the field squeezed into the left turn, both Lompoc riders were in mid pack position. Adam several places behind Tyler, put on a charge for the duration of the 6 minutes plus 1 lap heat race. Despite the hard work, Adam finished 14th and Tyler just 2 spots back in 16th.

Heat races are an all-out sprint to the checkered flag once the gate drops. The riders are so aggressive they will take risks and ride out of their respective comfort zones to make it into the night’s main event. Only 22 riders can make it in, the LCQ or Last Chance Qualifier was the last shot to make it in. Both Brother’s had excellent gates picks and were lined up side by side. Adam on his new bike a Suzuki RM-Z450 and Tyler was on board a Honda CRF450R. The 5 minute plus 1 lap LCQ only took the top 4 finishers to qualify into the Main event.

Needless to say getting a good start in a LCQ is incredibly vital as you have 22 riders cramming into a space where only 3 or 4 riders wide can fit. Throttles are wide open as the Racers rear tires are churning up the dirt to propel them to the first turn. Onto the main racing track, Racers are flying over rhythm sections and long triple jumps and making split second decisions for getting themselves in the best position to move through the pack. Tyler got a decent start while Adam was several spots back. Adam once again charged thru the pack to an eventual 7th place, while Tyler came in a respectable 8th place.

Adam was not happy with his results as based on lap times, he can race with the top 4 from the LCQ. Both Adam and Tyler are making good strides so far in this young season, with many more rounds to go have goals of making several main events this year. What will they focus on during the week? That will be many practice starts for sure.

450SX Class Main event winner and 2nd in a row was #2 Cooper Web, follow by a hard charging #25 Marvin Musquin, #4 Blake Baggett captured the last spot on the podium in 3rd.

250SX Main event winner was #92 Adam Cianciarulo, 2nd went to #34 Dylan Ferrandis and 3rd place went to #39 Colt Nichols.

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